The Patient Raven

Raven was waiting.

The burned out landscape was a miniscule portion of the vast pine forest; the near-cremains of the trees a welcome respite from the tyranny of green just a few hundred yards away.

Waiting for mice? Renewal? Raven was jaded enough to appreciate the benefits of a fire, unfortunate temporary loss of habitat aside. There were many denuded branches on which to alight once the flames had cooled, and views unhindered by needles, leaves or nests.

All within a few flaps of wings from the tree was visible. Raven was unmoved, a statuary unresponsive to the life emerging from the fire’s work as the afternoon wore on. There was only the waiting.

Author: Martha in the Moment

Just another human navigating this crazy era, trying to make sense of the lightning-fast changes that keep coming at all of us. Benedictions, all.

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