Seals in Love, a Movie

The images below were captured a few weeks ago on the Oregon Coast, south of the town of Yachats. As we looked over the edge of the viewpoint, we noticed a seal rookery; babies and frisky mating activities and all. It was such a gorgeous day. I was jealous of the seals and their water-bound frolicking. Some leapt from the water, others slept on rocks in sun or shadow. Each were marked or scarred many times from what must have been wildlife tracking, scientific study, or battles. They were all fat and blubbery, unafraid of the massive waves, unfettered in the aquatic acrobatics. At the right times of year one can see whales migrating not far off of the shoreline. For reals.

Author: Photos by Martha McReynolds Jr.

A Local Love Story Martha McReynolds Jr. grew up in Creswell, Oregon, left as a young adult & returned years later, only to finally fall in love with her hometown! Martha’s nature photography is an expression of her appreciation of our shared terrestrial world, & her portraiture a means by which to show others how beautiful they look to her. Woman plus camera plus something indefinable but visible make up the formula for Martha’s imagery. A close view, vibrant blossoms, your smile, & the opportunity to share her vision are key elements of Martha’s imagery. The artist sincerely hopes her images bring you peace, enjoyment & inspiration. Offerings o Original Photography o Creative Portraiture o Group Directory/Badges o Celebration of Life Slide Show/Printed Materials o Commercial Space Décor¬¬ Lease/Sales o Marketing Imagery o Informal Event Wandering Photographer o Special projects welcomed!

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