Art You Can Take Home

Fall Leaves, 13″ x 19″, $150 framed 
Local delivery available

How do you like this photograph? I love the primary leaf, a ginko biloba, and how there isn’t an inch of this image that isn’t interesting. In real life, it has the feeling of a painting.

I would like to sell many framed copies of this, and other images.

I would like to avoid the distraction of honorable but minimum wage work while pursuing creative pursuits that enhance our world in general.

This involving money in my photography practice is so uncomfortable. It feels impolite, not demure or ladylike. It feels exposed and it is. Other less artful choices await my failure at this effort, however nascent. My hope is high, my fingers crossed, my world trusted, and I’m not afraid of hard work. I’m afraid of not spending my time where my heart is. At 55, it’s too late to spend my time on anything else.

Art heals. It heals me, and it’s my earnest hope that that healing can transfer through my imagery. Life is challenging. I offer a brief respite, a momentary escape in to a sensorial world, an interior landscape. I hope to find that has a value worthy of my support.


Martha McReynolds Jr.

Author: Martha in the Moment

Just another human navigating this crazy era, trying to make sense of the lightning-fast changes that keep coming at all of us. Benedictions, all.

2 thoughts on “Art You Can Take Home”

  1. I own this photograph and it is mouthwateringly stunning. I love it. I also receive many compliments on it. Martha you have an awesome eye!!!


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