Happy Easter! He is Risen!

Ok, just to get this out of the way: Chill, a Christian reference isn’t going to kill you, my post-religion or atheist friends.

For those of us followers of Jesus, his remarkable story of birth, death and resurrection is everything. A massive act of love determined before his birth on this planet, a life-long mission carried out flawlessly, selflessly to bring love, grace and forgiveness to us all, to rend the fabric of our universe, break it open with love and cover us all with his sacrifice, is powerful.

Even if you want to enjoy it as metaphor. Humans have long told stories of death and rebirth. Stories meant to explain the seasons, comfort us as we bury our dead, describe the world around us and offer context where control or power is absent.

Flowers push through the remains of a snowfall in Creswell, OR. The view is on Oregon Avenue looking eastward near 5th Street.

For me, I embrace the chance to do better, to start again, to shed past skins, to ask for grace, forgiveness, compassion, kindness from my God and from you. I offer it.

Becoming a declared professional photographer is my resurrection: the images an effort to view my world more closely, to see what I missed the first time. This blog, Diary of a Young Artist…at 55, will contain written musings alongside my visual musings, a wandering path of discovery and rebirth. We are all doing this work, in our own way. Let’s be creative together.

Author: Martha in the Moment

Just another human navigating this crazy era, trying to make sense of the lightning-fast changes that keep coming at all of us. Benedictions, all.

3 thoughts on “Happy Easter! He is Risen!”

  1. We had a lively discussion this morning among followers of many paths. I had gone to a wonderful Easter Service at First Christian Church where the music was amazing (and for the first time in many years was playing neither handbells or the tuba) and the sermon was inspiring. I do not follow that particular faith tradition, but do my best to respect the beliefs of all. Our discussion started with a phrase that suggested that the theme of rebirth in the spring in the context of Easter was “coincidental”; several folks said the equivalent of “yeah, right, coincidence.” Many of the Easter traditions are taken from pagan earth worship, and my personal belief is that Christianity co-opted several of the existing rituals and celebrations into their story.

    Regardless of what path you follow, Happy Easter. He is Risen.

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    1. Xenatube, thank you for your thoughtful and compassionate comment! And for joining me at, on?, my blog! I am pleased and honored, thank you.

      Nothing happens in a vaccuum; victors rewrite history to please their agenda. Jesus’ message to Love One Another is enough for me – the rest is interesting history, context.

      I especially like your tone of inclusivity, respect and tolerance, Xenatuba!

      ps – I can’t believe you didn’t pick up an instrument today! Golly!


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